The near to one century-old company Metalloglobus Metallurgical and Trading Co. Ltd is one of the leading representatives of the home non-ferrous market. The private, competitive company possess favourable market positions and financial stability.
The main activity of the company was traditionally the sales of products of the non-ferrous industry in a wide range unique in Hungary. As today the choise is expanded by steel products, materials for the building and construction industries and plastics.
The company is offering also good quality soldering materials some alloys and various items for the roofing out of own production.
The company plays an important role is the recycling of non-ferrous scraps, supplying secondary raw-materials to metallurgy in the interest of the environmental protection. The scraps coming out of the processing of the supplied raw materials and semi-finished products will be repurchased.
On basis of mutual adventages and special agreements the company is ready to finance its suppliers. Same time, the company is prepared to deliver all demands for metals, materials, semis to the suppliers.
For construction projects there will be complete offers submitted including the demand for metals and materials, the services, the favourable payment and price conditions.
Considering the business policy, the traditions, the sense of profession of the employees, the wide choise, the stable and advantegous price and discount system, the favourable payment conditions, all these factors are making the company Metalloglobus to a reliable partner for all buyers, suppliers, retailers, constructors and technicians.
Ernõ Lakos
Managing Director